Prospective Graduate Students
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Seeking a graduate student for Fall 2023 enrollment

Applying to graduate school

The Kelly Lab may accept one PhD student to begin in Fall 2023 to conduct research in rodents (spiny mice and/or gerbils). Please email me at aubrey.kelly@emory.edu to set up a meeting to discuss research interests and determine if the Kelly Lab and Emory's Psychology Department are a good match for you and your goals.


Mentoring Philosophy


I am committed to providing high quality and dedicated mentorship to students in the lab. Inherent in this is a commitment to remain flexible and open-minded so that I can provide the best possible style of mentorship for individual students who learn, attend, and are motivated in different ways. The reasons for obtaining a PhD may vary – some graduate students may wish to pursue careers in academia (research and/or teaching), science communication, research in industry, science policy, consulting, science education and outreach, etc. I am happy to support students and to help them attain their goals. Regardless of the direction a graduate student wants to take after obtaining their PhD, I will do my best to train students to be thoughtful and analytical scientists. Science is a form of communication that creates and evaluates knowledge. I want students in my lab to be able to think critically about information they will be presented with, to know how to find the source of a claim, how to evaluate the empirical research behind the claim, and how to make informed judgments of their own. Understanding and appreciating the scientific method and how it applies to so many aspects of everyday life can improve how an individual navigates the world.  


I encourage all of the students I work with to make the most of their time as a graduate student, and to design their learning experience to benefit them and help them achieve their goals. Regardless of a desire to remain in academia, to go into industry, or jump fields entirely, I always stress the importance of the pursuit of knowledge and the value of receiving a higher education.

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Prospective Undergraduate Researchers

The Kelly Lab welcomes undergraduate students interested in gaining research experience while at Emory. Preference is given to students with a strong work ethic, ability to commit at least 10 hours per week to research-related activities, and a willingness to make a 4+ semester commitment to the lab. Interested students should contact me by e-mail (aubrey.kelly@emory.edu), provide a short statement of why they want to join the lab, and provide a current resume/CV.

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Aubrey M. Kelly

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